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Priory Records
The Organ Works of Marco Lo Muscio
KEVIN BOWYER plays The Willis Organ of Glasgow University Memorial Chapel

(Eowin's Memories – Trittico Toscano “Homage to Pienza” - Canzona “Homage to Gubbio” - Vocalise n.5 “To Nadja” - Concert Variations on Greensleeves – In memoriam Teodosia – Blue Prelude – Ostinato (Four Hands) – Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) – New Litanies in memory of Jehan Alain).

15,00 euro


Priory Records
Great European Organs N.94

The Schmid Organ of the Stadtpfarrkirche, Mariä Himmelfahrt,
in Landsberg Am Lech

Music by: Anonymus, Kneller, Hanff, Buttstett, Bach, Hackett, Wakeman/Lazzeri, Pärt, Distler, Torres, Lo Muscio, Willscher.

15,00 euro


Priory Records
Great European Organs N.96

The Matz and Luge Organ of St. Bernard's Church in Baden-Baden

Music by: Orff, Lo Muscio, Buxtehude, Hasse, Buttstett, Händel, Goettsche, Bach, Rinck, Willscher, Wakeman.

15,00 euro

Priory Records
Great European Organs N.89

The Chichi Organ in The Basilica Del Sacro Cuore, Rome

Music by: Langlais, Lo Muscio, Barber, Lazzeri, Emerson, Vaughan Williams, Jarrett, Copland

15,00 euro
Playing the History
Fresh instrumental interpretations of some of the masterpieces
of progressive rock music performed by Marco Lo Muscio,
John Hackett and Carlo Matteucci
with guests Steve Hackett , David Jackson and Giorgio Gabriel

15,00 euro
The Mystic and the Progressive Organ

Music by: Marco Lo Muscio, Paolo Lazzeri, Jan Garbarek,
Steve Hackett, Keith Emerson, Wojciech Kilar, Alan Hovhaness

15,00 euro
The Book of Bilbo and Gandalf - Visions from Tolkien's world

Music by: Steve Hackett, John Hackett, Marco Lo Muscio,
Pär Lindh

15,00 euro
Dark and Light - Progressive originals and transcriptions

Music by: Anthony Phillips, Steve Hackett, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Arturo Stàlteri, Marco Lo Muscio.

15,00 euro
Marco Lo Muscio New Horizons - The Music of Steve Hackett

15,00 euro
"The Mystic and Esoteric Organ" - Marco Lo Muscio at Mascioni Organ of St. Paul Within the Walls in Rome

Music by: De Morales/Garbarek, J.S. Bach, Scriabin, Satie, Lo Muscio

20,00 euro

Marco Lo Muscio plays Marco Lo Muscio

15,00 euro


Piano Visions

Music by: Faurè, Alain, Messiaen, Liszt

15,00 euro


American Piano Music

Music by: Jarrett, Emerson, Corea, Mehldau, Gershwin, Tristano...

15,00 euro

Organ Visions

("The young Bach", "Gothic music", "English hommage")

15,00 euro

Organ Visions II

Music by: R.Strauss, M.Steel, H.Howells, D.Bourgeois, B.Slogedal, E.Satie, C.Tournemire, S.Preston, J.Weaver, H.Purcell, Enrico VIII, W.Walton

15,00 euro


Spohr, Schumann and Schubert

chamber music

15,00 euro


Concerto a Palazzo

Music by: Bourgeois, Kilpinen, ...

12,00 euro


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